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Lisa, 27 - "Thanks to Shy And Single, Matthew and I met about 3 months ago. I could say that on our first date we already had an instant connection. Even though we were both shy and nervous when we met, everything just felt so right. Glad to say that our 'happy ever after' was made possible by this shy dating site!"

Archie, 29 - "By nature, I've always been a shy guy. Perhaps it's always been my 'roadblock' when trying to meet women. But when I joined, things started to change. The more I met shy ladies on the site through chatting, the more I gained confidence in dealing with women. Happy to have met my girlfriend for a year now through this dating site."

Elizabeth, 32 - "As a demure person, I usually don't engage myself in conversations with other people. A good friend of mine said that I will never be able to find the love of my life if I don't go meet people. So it got me thinking - growing old alone could be a sad thing! Luckily I came across Shy And Single, where I met Dave. We were both shy when we met online, but somehow we were able to communicate well with each other. From our likes and dislikes, to our personal dilemmas, we found it easier to be open with each other... and eventually went from online chatting into actual dating. Now, I'm overjoyed that he just proposed to me the other day!"

Duncan, 28 - "Going up and hitting on women has always been something that I've reluctant about. But don't get me wrong - it's always been my dream to land a memorable date with a girl, however my extreme shyness seems to overcome me all the time. But thanks to Shy And Single, I've met a lot of modest women online, and I could say that I had a great time chatting with them knowing that we have the same situation. I met Geraldine on the site about a month ago, and I'm happy that we're now dating each other. Many thanks to for making it possible for me to achieve my goal of going out with a beautiful lady!"

Caroline, 25 - "After initially meeting up at Shy And Single a year ago, Charles and I have fallen crazily in love with each other. As we look back to the day when we first met online, it really makes us smile everytime we realise that we were just two shy people looking for love. I'd say that this shy girl has already met the man of her dreams - and I've never been happier! Thanks!"